Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mothers Who Opt for Breast Milk, Not Breast-Feeding

Well, there is no better time to start than the present. I thought the first post should be monumental, witty or at least profound, but then topics kept popping up the past few weeks and I let them go because they didn't seem to be outstanding in any one way. So I'm going to just get the 'show on the road' by sharing this article from Time: Mothers Who Opt for Breast Milk, Not Breast-Feeding. The increasing number of women who are choosing to pump and breast milk feed rather than breastfeed are increasing. As a Public Health Nurse I have noticed this to be true in the South Okanagan. The pump may be the 'middle ground' for some women who might otherwise forgo breastfeeding (or breast milk feeding) altogether. In an ideal world women would be supported to breastfeed their babies and would only need to pump here and there for particular circumstances. But for a variety of reasons this may not be every woman's reality and if the pump helps that mom and babe avoid formula then it is a far better option than not breastfeeding altogether. Sometimes it's 'Breastmilk is Best'. For my part, I will still be trying to support moms in the best way I can to feel comfortable and confident with breastfeeding but will always support a mom who is looking for other alternatives that suite her particular circumstances. What do do you think?

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